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Cutting Edge Accounting is a business advisory specialist, offering practical advice to businesses that wish to increase their branding, sales and overall performance.

Our team are focussed on providing solutions to small businesses seeking to improve their performance and outcomes.
Cutting Edge Accounting offer realistic and achievable strategies to correct cash flow problems and operational activities.

We are constantly updating our business analytical software to provide you with the means to maximise your income and wealth.
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Cairns Small Business Advisory Specialists


Our focus is on exceeding our client's expectations. Cutting Edge Accounting is a small business specialist, developing strategies to help our clients improve their business and meet their goals.
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Our Professional Wealth Creation Systems


Cutting Edge Accounting reviews your business and tailors advice to suit your needs. We believe there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to business solutions.

To allow us to offer you detailed and accurate personalised business advice, we have invested heavily in cutting edge software that provides us with a holistic view of your current business situation.

If you are ready to increase your wealth, arrange a one-on-one consultation with Cutting Edge Accounting. We take the time to review your business, analysing overall performance using our specialised analytical systems.

Only then do we discuss options and strategies that can assist you to achieve growth, create wealth and develop your business.
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How We Can Help


Cutting Edge Accounting offers clear communication in all areas of business. Using our specialised accountancy software, we can reveal the financial performance of your business in a series of easy-to-understand graphs or charts.

Let us perform a financial 'health' check for you and identify any areas of concern.

Our accountants will then assist you with our Cutting Edge Wealth Creation service, where we explore ways to improve your cashflow, develop strategies for progression and plan for future growth.

We also have close professional relationships with a number of other businesses, such as solicitors and financial advisors, who can assist you if needed.

During consultation, Cutting Edge Accounting provide a question and answer presentation on a big screen TV.

This allows you to see and question all aspects of your figures and outcomes in a friendly environment.


Improve your business with the help of Cutting Edge Wealth Creation
experts today and start growing your bottom line.